About Us

Vilvum started as a way to challenge clothing and shopping in general. Is it not possible to buy clothes that you actually want to wear, feel great in, without holes in your wallet and do something great for someone else? Actually, it is possible.

A work of love and labor, Vilvum was born to bridge an ever widening gap between looking good and wanting to do good. Silk dresses are such a luxury, especially when a dress can cost an average of $350 or more. Though making a dress out of silk is significantly harder than making one out of cotton or polyester, it does not justify an outrageous price. So how can we bring quality, stylish and affordable dresses to the working woman? By removing the middle man markups and getting down to the trenches ourselves.
We are based in the USA, where we design all our clothes. We then travel to India, where we work with some of the best silk merchants to purchase pure crepe silk. India is known for it's fantastic quality silk and we are so excited to share that rich heritage with you. We work with artisan tailors who practice and perfect each of our designs before creating a small collection of limited edition dresses and accessories. 
Each piece in this collection has a lot of love and care put into it and we want to spread the love even further. We want to give purpose to our products and add more value to your purchase. For this reason, we developed the Buy One & Share Love program. 
For every purchase you make, whether it's a dress, scarf or a tote, we pledge to help someone in need. Learn more about the difference each purchase makes here
About our founder:
Born in India and brought up in the United States, Sharada (Charu) Subramanian is the founder and creative director of Vilvum. She truly believes that fashion is a form of art, and, clothing and accessories are tools of expression. Her inspiration is diverse, ranging from vintage Indian saris to impressionist paintings and of course the street styles from Paris, London, New York and San Francisco.
Charu majored in Psychology at Indiana University and pursued a career in autism research before switching tracks to design. Today, Vilvum’s outreach program, Buy One and Share Love, ties it all back to both her roots and her passion to serve children.