Buy One & Share Love

We might be small but our dreams are big

Most of us take our families for granted, but there are those who do not have such a option. That is why we are working with Miracle Foundation, to provide one uniform (or other clothing) for a child for every dress we sell. The Miracle Foundation revolutionizes the way orphanages are run worldwide, starting in India. They’re a group of big-thinking social entrepreneurs from Austin, Texas that partner with struggling orphanages and provide food, education, love, training and yes, even college. They transform orphanages from barely surviving to totally thriving. Their measurable approach weeds out corruption and ensures donations are going into the mouths, hearts and minds of the orphaned children they serve.

We are starting small and helping these organizations because, we believe they could really benefit from our help. We hope, as we grow, to do much more and continue to support these organization and more. 

None of this would be possible without your belief and support in our company and cause. On behalf of all those whose lives you are touching, we thank you. 

Photo Credit: © Fawzan Husain/Drik India/Majority World and The Miracle Foundation.